“Our services extend beyond our software”

We provide a full suite of consulting services to support our clients during eTMS implementation and migration.

Leveraging a virtual office model, we are able to provide quick response and cost effective service and support virtually anywhere in the world.

Tadcon hosts a staff of experienced consultants and associates selected based on each individual project’s needs.  

Comprehensive Support Services

Tadcon offers two levels of support:

  • 24 x 7 (24 hours per day, 7 days per week)
  • 8 x 5 (8 hours per day, 5 days per week)  

The only differences between the two are availability, “round the clock” versus 8 hours per day, and the annual cost.

Support for eTMS is billed on an annual basis.

Annual Support

Clients who are current on their annual support receive the following benefits:

  • Direct Access to Tadcon help personnel via telephone (direct line), internet/email and facsimile. 
  • Correction of errors and bug fixes.  (refer to warranty section for definition of bug fixes).
  • All interim patches that may be released in between scheduled releases.
  • Free up-grades including new releases.
  • Problem assistance and remote assistance via remote connection.


Upgrades to eTMS are generally on an 18 month cycle with interim patches released as necessary. 

The primary driving force for new functionality is from the existing customer base.  Tadcon evaluates each new request for functionality based on its applicability to the user community, compliance with existing regulatory guides and specifications and business needs of the requesting organization. 

eTMS is also upgraded as necessary to keep in sync with the Oracle product versions upon which it runs.

New Releases

Upgrades and New Releases for eTMS are made available to all customers who are current on support as soon as they are released.  New Releases are distributed on CDROM, while patches and interim release can be distributed electronically. 

In the event that a customer has not kept current with our product releases, Tadcon provides an upgrade path from any previous version to the then current version.